Crystal Cove Weddings
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About Us
Frank Mantha and Ruth McGlew are your hosts at Crystal Cove.
Crystal Cove has been in our family for 90 years. As you can imagine with that history we take a lot of pride in each wedding.

Crystal Cove started as an amusement park / resort.  With a hand carved German carousel, ferris wheels, and a swimming beach this was a very popular location from the 1900's on.

Well the amusement rides are long gone and the beach is no longer open to the public.  Now we focus primarily on big events like weddings, big birthday parties, anniversaries.

Food and facilities provide us with a unique advantage for these events.  Chef Frank provides absolutely top notch fare for your wedding or other event, while Ruth acts as banquet manager and "Lady in Waiting."

Our facilities are unique and speak for themselves.  Please take a look at the photo album and you will see that there is no other wedding or banquet facility in the Capital District that compares.   If you love the outdoors and want a garden wedding, then "do it at the lake" and it will be the best wedding that you or any of your guests can remember.  Your friends and family will be talking about your wedding at Crystal Cove for years afterword.
Click here to see the photo album  HERE
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